Drums Alive for Therapists:

Music, Drumming, and Movement
Accessible for All Ages and Abilities

Watch participants COME ALIVE through EMPOWERING ACTIVITIES designed for more INDEPENDENCE and MEANING IN LIFE.

Empower Participants to Take Charge of their Health

Provide fitness for the whole person—mentally and emotionally— with an energetic combination of music, drumming, and movement.

Improve Cognitive-Motor Abilities

Evidence-based research shows that this program improves coordination, timing, spatial awareness, focus, and concentration, leading to improved memory and learning.

Engage Body, Mind, and Spirit

Get everyone MOVING with a highly engaging classentertaining from start to finishaccessible for all ages and abilities. 

“When I drum and dance, I’m having so much fun that I don’t even realize that I’m working out!”

— Class Participant

Accessible for All Ages and Abilities

Drums Alive is a research and evidence-based program that applies fitness, drumming, music, movement, and cognition to improve motivation and fitness adherence for all ages and abilities. Participants who are engaged in all aspects of their lives – mentally, physically, emotionally, and socially – can enjoy independence, expression, and a higher quality of life.

Empowerment. Independence. Meaningful Life.

Our Programs Are Scientifically Proven to…

Decrease Stress, Depression, and Anxiety

Improve Motor Ability / Functional Reach, and Decrease Risk of Falls

Increase Hormones Known to BOOST Mood and Cognition

Enhance Executive Function and Social-Emotional Health

Improve Memory, Concentration, and Focus

Used in Facilities and Organizations Worldwide

“I completed my (Drums Alive) basic training in January 2020 and immediately applied my training into my music therapy program. I have used it with clients in my memory care sessions and have seen vast improvements from day one. It raised social awareness among the participants. They interacted with one another and gave each other encouragements and praises when they mastered a new skill together. It helped with their motor skills and at the same time activated neurological responses as the exercises became more complex. It was truly remarkable to see how well they responded and how much they looked forward to the sessions to learn new skills and maintain the social aspects of their group. I have also used Drums Alive when I worked with kids with autism. It has helped them to remain focused and stay on task. It allowed them to use music as a tool to increase their verbal, motor, cognitive and social skills. The drumming exercise is a full body experience, and it has fulfilled their need for sensory input.”

M. Buan, Music Therapist

“As an occupational therapist and fitness instructor, my passion for Drums Alive began with my very first experience taking a class! I thought – this is EXACTLY why I love OT: here is an activity that engages the body and mind, lifts the spirit and has the potential to help people improve their physical and cognitive health.

A. Graff, Occupational Therapist & Fitness Instructor
Lexington, KY

"My Seniors love how Drums Alive works both sides of your brain, it makes them think!!! They also love the fact they get a good workout, the time goes by so quickly. They love the music and once they have it we sing as well. This works their lung capacity as well. At the end of class I’m told how much better they feel....We all agree how thankful we are for this class and we never knew exercising could be so much fun."

C. Nowell

“I am a physical therapist and certified health coach and owner of a preventative medicine business. Drums Alive is an energizing platform to help older adults improve their cognitive-motor abilities. As a health coach, I love to motivate and empower people to take charge of of their health and wellness. Drums Alive provides a challenging and engaging format for skill development.”

J. Derrickson, Physical Therapist & Certified Health Coach
Lexington, KY

Evidence-Based Research

Drums Alive® is the original and only evidence-based drumming fitness, health, wellness program that provides a “Whole Brain & Whole Body” workout which promotes physical, social, emotional, and cognitive health at all life stages.  We work directly with research teams at the University of Chemnitz (Germany), Texas State University, Southern Connecticut State University, University of Arkansas Medical Sciences, University of Kentucky, and Oxford Brookes University to prove the claims we make of its effectiveness.

The following research studies highlight the positive outcomes of using Drums Alive in a number of therapeutic situations:

The Effects of a Drums Alive® Kids Beats Intervention on the Physical Performance and Motor Skills of Children with Developmental Delays

The Effects of a Drums Alive Kids® Beats Intervention vis a vis Behavior on Children with Developmental Delays

Effects of a Drums Alive® Intervention versus Hand-Foot Coordination Training on Motor, Cognitive and Motivational Parameters in Seniors

Drums Alive Golden Beats Improves Functional Reach in Older Adults

Anatomically distinct dopamine release during anticipation and experience of peak emotion to music

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