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Drums Alive® is the original and only evidence-based drumming fitness, health, wellness program that provides a “Whole Brain & Whole Body” workout which promotes physical, social, emotional, and cognitive health at all life stages.  We work directly with research teams at the University of Chemnitz, Germany, Texas State University, Southern Connecticut State University, University of Arkansas Medical Sciences, University of Kentucky, and Oxford Brookes University to prove the claims we make of its effectiveness.

The Drum Beat Chemnitz Drumming Research Project with Drums Alive

Drummer-150x150In 2010 Drums Alive® took part in a scientific study THE DRUM BEAT Chemnitz Drumming Project a worldwide, unique research project that was created to answer scientific questions as well as derive and evaluate social and medical measures using the characteristics of drumming and movement. The Drum Beat was inspired by a research project of the University of Gloucestershire and University of Chichester, titled the “Clem Burke Drumming Project” where for the first time worldwide investigations on the physical demands of drumming/percussion were established. The Chemnitz University of Technology [CUT] was invited to participate in this collaborative research thus extending the research focus by using cognitive parameters alongside many others.

The Drum Beat strives to investigate the broader application of drumming, movement and exercise with an interdisciplinary team of scientists, musicians, teachers, physicians, therapists and communal authorities. The teams are working towards establishing interventions and structures to provide positive effects using the common language of drumming and movement. Drums Alive®, the first fitness trend that combines drumming and movement through a multi-modular approach was identified as one of the key interventions of study for its practicality and holistic approach. The Drum Beat is investigating and applying all aspects of drumming in one inter-disciplinary project to benefit of society in the context of physical and mental health, social challenges, intercultural aspects, music and education.

At Drums Alive, we are firmly committed to on-going research and we are honored to play an active role in this effort to provide programming that is evidence-based.  We don’t merely refer to or cite others’ research studies, we work closely with the research teams in developing the research protocols and we exercise great care to ensure truthful, unbiased outcomes and reporting.

Here’s a listing of other research projects we’re involved with:

Adults/General Fitness

Drums Alive has been published with Palaestra (Website: www.palaestra.com, Manuscript: Ms#17-024) in December 2018 with the following title: “Drums Alive®: A Research-Based, Multi-Disciplinary Drumming Fitness Approach to Brain and Body Health and Wellness”

Palaestra 2018 Vol. 32.No. 4



Drums Alive® – Interventions in Healthy Adults & Seniors and Children

Clem Burke Drumming Project

Children/ Diverse Abilities

The Effects of a Drums Alive Kids® Beats Intervention vis a vis Behavior on Children with Developmental Delays

The Effects of a Drums Alive® Kids Beats Intervention on the Physical Performance and Motor Skills of Children with Developmental Delays

Rhythmic Physical Activity Intervention: Exploring Feasibility and Effectiveness in Improving Motor and Executive Function Skills in Children

Palaestra (2018) Palaestra MS#17-022

Texas State University under the guidance of Dr. Lyn Litchke has researched the Drums Alive DRUMTASTIC® program and published the following articles:

Willemin, T. A., Litchke, L. G. Liu, T., & Ekins, C. (2018). Social Emotional Effects of Drumtastic : A Dyadic Within – Group Drumming Pilot Program for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder International Journal of Special Education, 33(1), 94-103

International Journal of Special Education, 33(1), 94-103._Dr. Litchke

Litchke, L. & Finley, C. (June 2018, in review). The Effects of Drumtastic Ability Beats Dyadic Partnership Between a College Veteran with PTSD and an Elementary Special Education Student: A Case Report. Therapeutic Recreation Journal.

Litchke, L. & Bracken, M. M. (June, 2018, in review). A qualitative study on the social-emotional benefits of Drumtastic Ability Beats for children with autism spectrum disorder. International Journal of Developmental Disabilities.

Litchke, L., Dorman, R., Willemin, T., & Liu, T. (June 2018, in review). Mental Health Benefits of a Service-Learning Group Drumming Between College Students and Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Journal of Service-Learning in Higher Education.

Efficacy of Therpeutic Recreations Based Drumtastic and Kids Yoga Rocks In early Childhood Special Education Setting

We continue to work with Texas State University and are currently researching the DRUMTASTIC – Academic Beats programs such as: Rhythm in Motion, Character Education in Motion and hope to continue researching our Science in Motion, Mathematics in Motion modules.

Effects of a Drums – Alive ® Intervention in Children with Developmental Delays

A preliminary examination of the effectiveness of the Drums – Alive Program and categories of attention in adolescents with special needs

Effects of a Drums Alive® Kids Beats Intervention on Motor Skills and Behavior in Children With Intellectual Disabilities

Effects of a Drums Alive Kids Beats Intervention on the physical performance and behavior of children with developmental delays in the areas of motor development, concentration and impulse control


Oxford Brookes University in England and University of Kentucky in the USA have joined forces and are collaborating on: “Drums Alive, on driving performance, reaction time, and Cognition” under the leadership of Dr. Peter Wright and Prof. Nathan Johnson. 

Effects of a Drums Alive® Intervention versus Hand-Foot Coordination Training on Motor, Cognitive and Motivational Parameters in Seniors

Drums Alive Golden Beats Improves Brake Onset Time in Older Adults

Effects of a Drums Alive® Intervention on trained motor skills, cognitive and conditional parameters in seniors living in nursing homes

Drums Alive Golden Beats Improves Functional Reach in Older Adults

Influence of a drum alive / Golden Beats – intervention on fall behavior

Physiological and psychological effects of a Drums Alive® intervention compared to conventional sports therapy in patients with symptoms of depression

Feel free to contact us at hello@drums-alive for more information and copies of the research posters and articles.