Evidence-based wellness programs that improve physical, mental, and social-emotional well-being

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“I absolutely love this program. Carrie Ekins and the Drums Alive team has developed the most enriching program that I have ever experienced or taught. My clients are crazy about it as well. We are having a blast and learning, playing, exercising, stretching, relaxing, meditating, and socializing.”

– K. Brophy, Massachusetts

Everybody comes alive…

with Drums Alive

Drums Alive is perfect for:

  • Educators
  • Fitness Professionals
  • Therapists
  • Recreation Leaders
  • Senior Centers

Evidence-based Programs

We’re proud to have pioneered and been verified by the world’s first ever academic research on the combination of cognition, drumming, movement, music, and rhythm.

Healthy for Body, Soul & Spirit

Our programs engage the whole person—mentally and emotionally—while exceeding national physical and music standards.

Increased Social Confidence

Put down your phones and get on your feet! Drums Alive teaches the importance of face-to-face connection and social interaction.

Get a program that has scientifically-proven results.

Tired of wasting time & money on ineffective programs?

Are your students or clients disengaged, unhealthy, and struggling to improve their physical, social, and emotional health?

Are you feeling burned out and stressed from the pressure of delivering amazing results with limited resources? Are you confused about which program to choose and how to get it funded?

At Drums Alive, we believe you deserve fun, evidence-based programs that consistently produce life-changing results…we teach how to connect the dots between physical, mental, and social-emotional health.

Get a program that has scientifically-proven results.

A program that takes the headache out of getting funded.

A program that makes you a superstar.

We had the opportunity to drum with 177 students...there were times I was absolutely speechless...different abilities ..from Down syndrome to autism ...blind and one young man who was deaf. To see the joy on their faces was priceless.

D Logan, YMCA Fitness Instructor for persons with Diverse Abilities

Experience the incredible benefits of Drums Alive

Our programs are scientifically-proven to positively impact:


Stress and Anxiety


Athletic Ability and Reaction Times


Natural Immune System




Burnout Rate


Chronic Pain


Depression and Distress


Blood Pressure


Alzheimer’s Disease


Parkinson’s Disease and Strokes


Overall Happiness

how to come alive…

with Drums Alive



We offer a variety of programs.
Choose the best one for you!



Become a Licensed Drums Alive Instructor and get the tools you need to instantly bring the fun to your classroom, recreation center, gym, or therapy setting.



Experience the satisfaction of watching your participants come alive like never before!

What makes Drums Alive so different?

At Drums Alive, we know you’re searching for the best wellness and fitness programs so you can help improve the lives of those you serve. In order to do that, you need a progam that’s proven time and again to boost the quality of life for people of every age and ability…and one that’s irresistibly fun!

But there are so many programs to choose from…how can you know which one to trust? And which has the best chance for funding? This can leave you confused, not knowing where to start.

We believe you deserve an evidence-based program that produces consistent, life-changing results that are scientifically verified, blending together multiple disciplines so you have the best chance of getting the funding you need.

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At Drums Alive, we’re proud to have pioneered and been validated by the first-ever academic research on the combination of music, drumming, movement, and cognitive application which improves physical, social-emotional, and brain health.

This research includes over 30 worldwide studies with universities such as University of Chemnitz, Germany, Texas State, and Oxford Brookes. Our programs are certified by ACE, AAFA, NASM, are endorsed by REMO, and are consistently highlighted at international universities where our leaders and staff are highly sought after conference speakers.



So what makes us so different?  The secret is in the unique components of every program we’ve created.

Evidence-based: Our programs are tested and proven to be effective. We are also committed to continued research and integrating the best of the most current data and findings.

Physically-rewarding: The curriculum meets or exceeds multiple national physical and musical standards, including educational benchmarks.

Emotionally-charged: Participants receive the benefits of a “whole-person” approach to wellness, engaging body, mind and soul…including the lowering of stress and anxiety.

Cognitively-challenging: Studies reveal the impact on the brain, enhancing working memory and executive functions, and confirming “the connection of rhythmic movement, learning, and growth,” which has the power to “unlock cognitive processes which otherwise remained trapped or inaccessible.”

Kinesthetically-focused: Our programs increase balance and athleticism, while promoting creativity and self-expression.

Socially-enriching: Teaches the importance of face-to-face relationships as well as social and emotional health.


Here’s how you can get started with Drums Alive today:


1) Choose Your ProgramGet Ready… We offer a variety of programs, so choose the best one for you!

2) Get EquippedGet Set… Become a Licensed Drums Alive Instructor… or get the tools you need to immediately bring the fun to your classroom.

3) Witness Amazing ResultsGo…!  Experience the satisfaction of watching your participants come alive like never before!

So choose your program and let’s get started.

Stop wasting time and money on programs that leave your participants disengaged, bored, and failing to produce results. Instead, have your passion for teaching reignited as your group transforms with greater levels of health, energy, and happiness.

EveryBODY comes alive… with Drums Alive!™

Both participants and instructors get an endorphin rush…Drums Alive is a win-win!

– W. Miller, Medical Librarian & Fitness Instructor

You deserve Proven Results
from the pioneers that started it all

Our Promise To You

FREE Funding Support: Access our free online guide with tips on how to get your Drums Alive program funded, including info on grant writing, working with PTA/PTOs, and government funding.

Responsive Customer Service: Give us a call or email us and we’ll respond within two business days at the latest.

Continued Education & Support: Once you become a licensed Drums Alive instructor, you are invited to join our membership community to stay connected with the latest research, gain access to our video library full of choreographies and tips, attend workshops, and network with other Drums Alive instructors! Our membership is designed to help you stay informed and successful in your teaching journey.

At Drums Alive, we believe you deserve an evidence-based program that’s produced consistent life-changing results that are scientifically verified. We promise to provide programs and tools that are:

  • Transformative – we teach you to use the transformative power of drumming, movement, music, and rhythm to improve the quality of life for EVERYONE;
  • Research and evidence-based – all of our programs are tested and proven to be effective and we are committed to ongoing research;
  • Unifying of people of varied cultures, abilities, and ages by providing thoughtfully designed inclusive programming;
  • Socially enriching – we help you teach and practice the importance of face-to-face relationships as well as social and emotional health;
  • Totally engaging! 

Ready to Come Alive?

“It was life changing for me.”

“Our seniors were VERY hesitant at first…we had 15 people who laughed, smiled and carried on like kids, and went NUTS on the Drums! I’ve never been prouder to be included in such a major game changer when it comes to helping people.”

– K. Osborne, White County Aging Program

I don’t have all the money I need for the curriculum and the equipment. What should I do?
  • We want to help you get started on the right foot! Taking the Drums Alive Basic Instructor course is the first step to ensure you have the foundational knowledge and skills needed to effectively use the program and help your students or clients. To make this easier, we offer a payment plan option that allows you to spread the cost of the course across four installments. Let’s get started!
  • Using the official Drums Alive equipment from our exclusive distributor, West Music, will give you the best Drums Alive experience for your students or clients. However, we understand if you have limited resources. Our Drums Alive Basic Instructor course can help you out! It provides practical tips on equipment alternatives and options that you can find in your home, school, office, or even a discount or hardware store.
  • We have a free online guide with plenty of helpful tips on how to secure funding for your Drums Alive program. You’ll learn about grant writing: to “plenty of tips to help you secure funding for your Drums Alive program, working with Parent Teacher Associations/Parent Teacher Organizations, and government funding. This guide is the perfect way to get your Drums Alive program off the ground.
What if I purchase a program, but my students don’t like it?

Reach out to us and we’ll gladly help you to ensure you’re getting the most from the Drums Alive program. We’re committed to helping you and your students get the best experience possible.

I don’t have the time or money to fly to a live training, but want to get trained...what should I do?

We have online trainings that you can complete from your home or office.

I don’t have space for all the balls and drumming equipment. Any ideas?
  • You don’t need the balls and bucket bases to do a Drums Alive class. We have lessons that use body rhythms, hand clapping, or that use only drumsticks, Boomwhackers, foam pool noodles, or small buckets.
  • We encourage classroom teachers to collaborate with other teachers—especially their PE teachers—to share the equipment and space needed. Our DRUMTASTIC program promotes collaboration and cross-curricular activities.
I really don’t think I have rhythm. Is that a problem?

While it’s helpful to have good rhythm to teach Drums Alive, you don’t need perfect rhythm to be an effective Drums Alive instructor. We have webinars in our memberships that help you improve your rhythm skills.  We have many Drums Alive instructors who make profound impacts on their students, and they self-proclaim to have imperfect rhythm.

I don’t like dancing. In fact, I don’t think I really can dance. What do I do now?

You don’t need to be a good dancer to do Drums Alive. We use music and movement to enhance the students’ experience—physically, cognitively, and emotionally. The transformative experience that Drums Alive provides is not in the dance—it’s in the collective and strategic use of music, movement, and rhythm. We teach you how to do this in our trainings and our membership. 

Everybody comes alive…

with Drums Alive