Drums Alive for Educators:

Music, Drumming, and Movement for the entire class

See your classroom COME ALIVE as students join in engaging activities BOOSTING their mental and physical skills.

Activities for Any Age or Ability

Provide fitness for the whole person—mentally physically and emotionally— with an energetic combination of music, drumming, and movement.

Music, Drumming, & Movement

Get everyone MOVING with a highly engaging classentertaining from start to finishleaving you and your students feeling empowered and energized. 

Evidence-Based Program

Evidence-based research shows the impact this program has on emotional and physical wellness…and it’s fun too. Imagine your students leaving so excited, it’ll have students, parents, and administrators asking for more.

I love Drums Alive, my kids love it, my teachers love it, my board of education loves it! It incorporates so much body movement and academics. When the kids see the drums, they get so excited and they’re so engaged!

S. Moak, New York

Perfect for PreK-High School Students of Life

Drumtastic is an evidence-based program that applies fitness, drumming, music, and educational concepts designed to improve the health of children, teens, and adults by disseminating evidence-based physical education, after school, early childhood, coordinated school health and music education programs to teachers, recreation leaders and coaches serving pre-kindergarten through adult students.

Our Programs…

Increase in Hormones Known to BOOST Learning

Decrease in Stress, Depression, and Anxiety

Improve Overall Health (Meeting and Exceeding Physical Education Standards)

Enhance Student Cognitive Ability

Enrich Motor skills, Behavior, and Social Emotional Health

Enhance Student Happiness (and Teachers too!)

At a time when students face heightened stress, anxiety, uncertainty and more… they need these results more than ever.

Used in School Districts Nationwide

“I love that each kid has a ball, everybody can drum, everyone has a good time, and I kind of trick them because they all think they’re just playing, when in reality, they’re getting their heart rate up and they’re learning math.”

C. Cottle, Utah

“I teach children who live with a lot of trauma—they come from low socio-economic families, many are affected by the opioid epidemic. I realized many of my students lacked a sense of timing and rhythm. I knew if I could teach them rhythm, they could learn to self-regulate themselves. Self-regulation opens the doors to creative thinking, which leads to critical thinking. Creative and critical thinking can provide my students with the tools needed to seek a better life. Drums Alive provided me with a fun and engaging way for me to teach my students rhythm, timing, and self- regulation, while building self-esteem and a sense of community. “

K. Beckett, WV

“Drums Alive has helped strengthen our student engagement at Crabapple Lane. Whether the program is used in a large or small group, students are curious, focused, motivated, and excited about learning.”

M. Davis, Georgia

“I love Drums Alive, my kids love it, my teachers love it, my board of education loves it! It incorporates so much body movement and academics. When the kids see the drums, they get so excited and they’re so engaged!”

S. Moak, NY

“School budgets and funding cutbacks tend to effect PE, music, and arts teachers the most. By using Drums Alive to collaborate with core subject teachers, I can truly make a difference and help students comprehend abstract concepts taught in the classrooms by providing kinesthetic learning experiences offered in the Drums Alive program. It keeps me relevant and valuable, it helps the students improve their comprehension and focus, and it provides an opportunity for them to get exercise despite the reduced hours allowed for PE classes.”

S. Denton, Alaska

We charted our last year’s 5th graders: we had their scores from the beginning of their 4th grade year (before using the Drums Alive DRUMTASTIC program and Project Fit America) and compared them to their scores after one year .We had some tremendous growth in many of their fitness scores.”

M. Delong, IL

“I’m very excited about Drums Alive. What I like about it is it allows my students who are non-athletes or my heavier students to have an activity where everyone can participate. It gives them a chance to be creative...they do math and they exercise, but they don’t even realize they’re working out—they’re just having so much fun! Now a lot of my teachers are asking me if they can come down to the gym and do it themselves!”

B. Kusse, NY

“Personally, I am SOLD on Drums Alive, not just for the students, but as a perfect prescription for teacher burnout. This has re-energized my ability to turn people on to movement! As a performer, I thrive on expressing myself through music and movement to tell a story. Drums Alive is the story that I am communicating to my students. Through the activities that I facilitate, we have a unique opportunity to express a range of emotions--joy, stress, power, peace--without speaking a word. Simply the act of moving in unison, joining forces with a common goal, brings us together as a family. Thank you!”

K. Jackson, Ph.D. (Music Education)

You’re Not On Your Own…

At Drums Alive you’re not just handed a curriculum, or expected to attend a one-time on-site training… We guide you every step of the way to effectively use the program. Our team of highly trained master trainers are available to answer your questions.

As a Drums Alive Educator, you have our HIGHEST respect because we know it takes YOUR dedication and care to make learning relevant and meaningful!

Funding Your
Drums Alive Class

Drums Alive can help you get the funding you need! Our FREE PDF Guide for Drums Alive instructors is designed for school teachers writing grants for the DRUMTASTIC program and those looking for funding to procure Drums Alive training or equipment. 

What’s Inside the Free Guide:


How to write grants to get the equipment you need


How to fund your Drums Alive training


Grant writing for other funding endeavors