Drums Alive DRUMTASTIC® Program for Educators



Drums Alive DRUMTASTIC® is an evidence-based program that applies fitness, drumming, music, and educational concepts designed to improve the health of children and pre-teens by disseminating evidence-based physical education, after school, early childhood, coordinated school health and music education programs to teachers, recreation leaders and coaches serving pre-kindergarten through middle school students.

Teachers learn how to integrate kinesthetic awareness, neuro-muscular skills, cardiovascular conditioning, flexibility, strength, and wellness activities by using a coordinated package of curriculum materials which include:

drumtastic-manual-welcome-cover-cover1Comprehensive Teacher Manual

Contains over 150 Lesson Plans and more than 100 Teacher Cue Cards that address the National Standards for Physical Education (NASPE) and Depth of Knowledge (DOK) review questions and discussions; Teacher Assistant Materials which provides “Inclusion Strategies” and “Assessment Sheets;” Music Educational Concepts and Activities; and Brain Beats/Core Curriculum Learning Games and Activities!

drumtastic-cue-cardsTeacher Resource Box

A colossal repository which contains over 300 Activity Skill Cards, including:

• BRAIN BEATS – Curriculum Based Learning Cards
• Music & Rhythm, Drumming, Locomotor Skills, Shape, Traffic, Cool Down, and Formation Cards
• Expectation Cards

drumtastic-media-clipMedia and Web Support

Instantly access over 140 downloadable/streaming film clips and activity demonstrations, plus a choreography videos, and music.

Click on any of the links below to view a sample from our Drums Alive DRUMTASTIC® Manual.

Brazilian BBQ Lesson Plan

While developing this program, we realized that it would be useful for anyone wanting to teach the Drums Alive® program to any audience (not just school teachers) because it makes it so easy to follow the activities we’ve created and it also provides a means for instructors to create their own games and activities.

Pricing for Drums Alive DRUMTASTIC® Basic (Module 1) is as follows:

DRUMTASTIC® KIT SET A (1-year membership – allows you online access to the complete e-manual, activity videos, music, assessment tools + 1 music CD and more)


+ 7% shipping*

= $371.29*

DRUMTASTIC® KIT SET B (1-year membership – includes all the components in KIT SET A + DRUMTASTIC® printed teacher’s manual)


+ 7% shipping*

 = $521.09*

DRUMTASTIC® KIT SET C (1-year membership – includes all the components in KIT SET B + DRUMTASTIC® materials/resource toolkit which has the color coded cards + tools all organized in a sturdy portable file box—this saves download and printing time and costs.)

$697.00 + 7% shipping*


DRUMTASTIC® KIT Annual Renewal (Membership) Fee (after the initial DRUMTASTIC® KIT SET purchase)



*Please allow up to three weeks for delivery.  For orders outside the continental US, please add $50 to shipping cost.


While it’s not essential to attend a Drums Alive DRUMTASTIC® training, it makes it much easier to understand how the different components of this program fit together.  Let us know if you’d be interested in bringing a DRUMTASTIC® training to your school or school district and we’ll be happy to work with you.

Please feel free to contact us with any additional questions you might have and we’ll be happy to help you!

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