Golden Beats


Drums AliveĀ® Golden Beats

Golden Beats stimulates people whether they are young or old, healthy or ill. When we drum and dance we are having FUN! This in return releases endorphins and releases negative feelings. The rhythmical patterns of the drum increases synchronization of brain wave activity which in turn provides feelings of euphoria and improved mental awareness and self acceptance. Golden BeatsĀ® is specially designed for the senior population.


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Hi Drums Alivers! You may have noticed that our shop page looks a little different. At the moment we are in the process of transitioning our Drums Alive products from our website over to our fantastic partners at West Music! Once we have completed the transition you will be able to purchase Drums Alive CDs, DVDs, clothing and equipment all in one place! In the meantime, if you know that you cannot wait for one of our awesome CDs or DVDs, they will be available on the Move-Ya website, you can follow the link here: Dismiss