ABILITY BEATS – Moving from “Impossible” to “I’M POSSIBLE!”

Ability Beats is an all-inclusive, comprehensive, multi-generational, culturally diverse Brain and Body program for all ages and abilities that unlocks limitations and empowers participants to achieve healthy and happy lives through research-based fitness and wellness applications.  This original, unique, one of a kind, EVIDENCE-BASED program encompasses a “Whole Mind, Whole Body” approach while fostering individual creativity in a fun and enriched environment in which respect, appreciation and understanding is encouraged and cultivated.  Ability Beats is not just an exercise program.  It awakens and integrates an inner strength, ignites potential and taps individual “ABILITIES” that leads to endless possibilities all while promoting health and fitness on the following levels:

Musical and Rhythmical







We currently offer trainings in our Ability Program–it’s conducted as a supplement to the Drums Alive BASIC Instructor training.  Check our events calendar for training dates and locations or email us at hello@drums-alive.com and we’ll help you find an Ability Beats training.



This is a curriculum program, complete with lesson plans, activity cards, task cards. Through the implementation of the new DRUMTASTIC Ability Beats program, you will have access to information and use a multiple number of organized and detailed lesson plans, and/or protocols, that are specific to Ability Beats, and will labeled with only Ability Beats nomenclature throughout the lesson plan.