Hosting a Training

Hosting a Drums Alive® Instructor Training Workshop


It’s easy to host a Drums Alive® Instructor Training workshop–here are a few key requirements:

  1. No fee to hosting facility. – There is no fee to the facility to host a Drums Alive® instructor training workshop.
  2. No monthly licensing fee for facilities. – There is no monthly licensing fee for a facility to use the Drums Alive® name, provided the instructors who teach at the facility were officially trained by Drums Alive®.  A facility is not allowed to use the Drums Alive® name if Drums Alive® did not officially train the instructor(s).
  3. Allow ample time for scheduling and registration. – Instructor-training workshops are scheduled at least 8 weeks in advance, 10 or more weeks is preferable.
  4. Minimum attendance requirement. – Drums Alive® requires a minimum of 15 paid registrants for the Drums Alive® instructor-training workshop to take place.  Two weeks prior to the scheduled training date, there must be a minimum of 15 registrants.  Any exceptions must be approved by Drums Alive® (email: info@drums-alive.com).
  5. One complimentary registration. – The hosting facility will receive one (1) complimentary (free) Drums Alive® instructor-training registration if the minimum attendance requirement is met. This person should be available to help with set up either the night before or the morning of the training, during the registration process in the morning and break down at the end of the day, and any other facility needs during the instructor-training day. The hosting facility will communicate to Drums Alive® the name, email, and phone number of this person and Drums Alive® will register this individual as “complimentary.” (If the training currently being hosted is a Drums Alive®, Golden Beats™, or Academic Beats™, the person registering as “complimentary” is required to have previously completed a Drums Alive® Basic or Drums Alive ®Academic Beats™ instructor training.)
  6. Hosting facility to provide two helpers. – The hosting facility must provide at least two helpers (usually the person with the complimentary registration and one other person) for the night before or the morning of the instructor-training to assist with set up and at least two (2) helpers in the morning (usually from around 7:00-9:00am) for registration, and at least two (2) helpers after the training to help with break down.
  7. Promote the Drums Alive® Instructor Training workshop in your local community to increase registrations. – Drums Alive® will provide the hosting facility with a flyer to promote the instructor-training workshop. The host facility must help in marketing the instructor training by networking with local and regional contacts, facilities, gyms, schools, as well as area instructors and/or educators.  The instructor-training workshop will also be posted on our website calendar and our Facebook page to help advertise your class.
  8. A group discount is available for 3 or more attendees from the same group/organization. – Contact us at info@drums-alive.com and we’ll work with you to get your group registered and receive the group discount.  Note–payment for the group registration must be received two weeks (14 calendar days) prior to the training event.
  9. Individual registrants. – Individuals not in the group can and will register on their own for the instructor-training on www.drums-alive.com.
  10. Drums Alive® reserves the right to cancel. – Any instructor-training up to fourteen (14) days from the training date due to extenuating circumstances that may arise, inclement weather, or  lack of interest/registrants.
  11. Provide the needed space for the training. – Once a host has committed to a training date, the host is expected to make every effort to hold the event as scheduled in a classroom, conference room, gym, or fitness room that provides ample space and the necessary equipment needed for the training.  The designated space shall be used exclusively for the training during the duration of the training.  In extenuating circumstances, if the host is unable to provide the space/location originally scheduled, the host will provide Drums Alive® with an alternate venue in the local area.
  12. Provide tables for registration. – The Drums Alive® Master Trainer will need for the hosting site to provide 1-2 tables to be set up either the evening before or the morning of the instructor-training for registration and other needs.
  13. Provide equipment for the training. – Each registrant and the Drums Alive® Master Trainer will need to be provided with one burst resistant stability ball, step risers or a stability ball stand, and one pair of drumsticks.   If the hosting facility does not have the necessary equipment for training, the hosting facility can rent the equipment from Drums Alive®.  For more information on renting equipment please email: info@drums-alive.com.
  14. Provide audio-visual equipment. – The host must provide a good sound system that has a wireless microphone, and either an MP3 dock or a CD player.  The host must also provide a white wall space or screen so that the Master Trainer can project the presentation used at the instructor-training.
  15. Provide a key contact person who will work with Drums Alive®. – Through the processes necessary to make the training workshop a success for your organization and Drums Alive.


Drums Alive® offers the following Instructor Training Workshops:

Registrants should have either a nationally recognized certification in health and fitness (such as American Council on Exercise (ACE), Aerobics and Fitness Association of American (AFAA), American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)) or a college degree in physical education, health, fitness, sports, sports medicine, therapy, music, dance, or related fields of study.  Registrants should also be currently certified in CPR and first aid.

This one-day, 8-hour training provides you with the basic knowledge and practical application of the Drums Alive® program.  Learn the theory, science, research, and application of this fun and effective group exercise program.  Explore sound and movement therapy through drumming and music.  Learn the loco-motor skills to drum your way to a distinctive and unforgettable class design!


DRUMS ALIVE® GOLDEN BEATS™:  (Registrants are required to have successfully completed the Drums Alive® Basic or Drums Alive® Academic Beats™ Basic training.)

Learn how to lead your students through a drumming and movement workout that’s specifically designed to enhance emotional and cognitive health as well as social competence.  Experience how drumming and movement can contribute to satisfaction of one’s individual needs as it provides a unique, fun, and exciting alternative to traditional aerobics for seniors.  Learn movements and rhythms with the use of stability balls & drumsticks that are appropriate and beneficial for the senior population.



Option 1* – “Drum Well” This is a one-day, 6-hour training for educators and recreation leaders. The Drums Alive DRUMTASTIC® Curriculum is introduced and we teach you how to navigate through this comprehensive program designed to make it easy to quickly and confidently implement and sustain the Drums Alive® program in classrooms, gyms, and recreation centers. In this fun-filled and informative training, participants learn how to use movements that inspire children and prompt them to create movement and rhythms of their own. Music, balls, and drumsticks create curiosity in the children, promote attention and achieve a high level of motivation. Each participant will be provided with a printed Drums Alive DRUMTASTIC® lesson plan.  Though not required, we highly recommend anyone attending this training have access to a Drums Alive DRUMTASTIC® Curriculum Kit.

Option 2* – “Drum Better” This is a one-day, 8-hour training for educators and recreation leaders.  This training includes all that’s covered in the “Drum Well” training plus the participants gain a deeper level of understanding of the “why’s” behind the Drums Alive DRUMTASTIC® program and this increased knowledge improves their effectiveness at achieving the learning standards addressed in each DRUMTASTIC® lesson plan.  The foundation, the theory, and the research behind the Drums Alive DRUMTASTIC® program are presented together with ALL the basic drumming and drumming with movements skills used in the Drums Alive® programs.  Each participant will be provided the following: printed Drums Alive DRUMTASTIC® lesson plans, a pair of Drums Alive® customized drumsticks, Drums Alive® “Academic Beats™ Basics” Training Manual, and “ABC Choreography” DVD.

Option 3* – 12-hour Drums Alive DRUMTASTIC®  Workshop “Drum Best”

This two-day, 12-hour training (6-hours per day) for educators and recreation leaders provides participants with an opportunity to experience and understand the “WHATs” and “HOWs” of the Drums Alive DRUMTASTIC® CROSS CURRICUM program—what it is and what it feels like, how to teach the Drums Alive® program to their students, AND how to make it a cross-curriculum program. This training includes all that’s covered in the “Drum Better” training plus participants learn how to make the Drums Alive DRUMTASTIC® a truly cross-curriculum program by enhancing and reinforcing students’ learning and comprehension of math. The Drums Alive DRUMTASTIC®  In Motion – Math program provides a brain and body workout that expands mental powers to increase brain functioning.  Discovery lessons that utilize the Drums Alive equipment and the student’s whole mind and body improve comprehension of abstract concepts. Bursts of high intensity drumming and movement interspersed with periods of recovery cognition (mental math) exercises, create an interval training experience that is fun and engaging for all ages. This practical, applied hands-on course focuses on using rhythm, fun, and interesting activities to teach students about their world, themselves, and how the two interact.

Please note—we require anyone attending this training to have access to a Drums Alive DRUMTASTIC® Curriculum Kit and we recommend they bring their kit with them to  the training.  (Optimally, prior to the training, each school should own at least one kit that’s shared  between  staff  members).  The training is far more effective if each participant can see/touch/feel the DRUMTASTIC® curriculum and its abundance of resources and use it  during the training.  See below to learn more about the Drums Alive DRUMTASTIC® program kit options and equipment options.  Samples of the Drums Alive DRUMTASTIC® lesson plans, including Drums Alive® In Motion – Math lessons and are provided to each participant.

The “Drum Best” 2-day, 6-hours per day Drums Alive DRUMTASTIC® workshop is designed for a school(s) or school district(s) that want to maximize the effectiveness of the Drums Alive DRUMTASTIC®  curriculum by implementing the program into PE, music, and math classrooms.  With today’s increased emphasis on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) and decreased budgets on music and PE, compounded with the childhood obesity epidemic, the Drums Alive DRUMTASTIC®  program is a fun and effective way to help teachers and administrators enhance their students’ learning of abstract concepts in math while improving physical, social, and cognitive health.

*Hosting facility responsible to provide the following; balls, ball holders, drumsticks, a loud sound system (no boom boxes), data projector and screen, and wireless head microphone.