Drums Alive Conference Workshops


General Session Day 1: 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM

Drums Alive Master Class-We are kicking off the 1st Annual Drums Alive Conference with a Drums Alive Master Class. Join Carrie Ekins and our team of Master Trainers in an hour long Drums Alive class to kick things off with a bang!

Workshop Day 1: 11:00 AM -12 PM

-Rhythm to Revenue: Starting and Running Your Drums Alive Business

Instructor – Panel

Description – Unlock the power of rhythm and join us for an energizing workshop designed to guide you through the steps of starting and running your own Drums Alive business. Whether you are a fitness enthusiast, a music lover, or an entrepreneur looking for a new venture, this workshop is your gateway to combining passion with profitability.


-Setting the Rhythm: Mastering Warmups and Cooldowns in Drums Alive

Instructor – Ahmed Selim

Description – In this immersive session, you’ll delve into the art of crafting invigorating warm-ups and calming cool-downs that take your Drums Alive class experience to the next level.  Ahmed Selim will share his expertise, guiding you through practical techniques and proven strategies to ensure safe, engaging, and fulfilling warm-up and cool-down experiences.

Whether you’re a seasoned Drums Alive Instructor or just starting out, this workshop promises to provide valuable insights and actionable takeaways that will enrich your classes, leaving a lasting impact on your participants.


Workshop Day 1: 1:00 PM -2:00 PM

-Choreography Showdown – 32 Count vs. Verse Chorus – A Battle of Beats and Movement.

Instructors Ahmed and Katherine Farfan-Selim

Description- Join Drums Alive master trainers Ahmed Selim and Katherine Farfan-Selim for an engaging workshop for all Drums Alive instructors. In this session, we’ll dive into the differences between 32 count choreography and chorus-verse choreography, exploring their respective strengths, weaknesses, and when to utilize each. Through interactive discussions and practical demonstrations, you’ll learn why and how to use each choreographic style effectively in your Drums Alive classes. Whether you’re aiming for precision with 32 counts or storytelling with chorus-verse arrangements, this workshop will equip you with the knowledge and techniques to create impactful routines that inspire your participants.


 -Drums Alive Emergency Preparedness: Planning Ahead for Safety

Instructor Dorie Philips

Descriptions – Join us for a crucial workshop focused on equipping instructors with essential skills to proactively plan for and effectively manage emergency situations in Drums Alive and other movement classes. While the hope is always for smooth, injury-free sessions, it’s imperative to be prepared for any eventuality to ensure the safety and well-being of participants. We’ll cover risk assessment, emergency action planning, communication strategies, and first aid basics tailored specifically to the context of movement classes. Led by seasoned professionals, this workshop will empower you to confidently lead your classes while maintaining a vigilant eye on safety. Don’t wait for an emergency to strike – prepare yourself and your students to handle any situation with readiness and competence.


Workshop Day 1: 2:15 PM -3:15 PM

DRUMTASTIC! The Program For All

Instructor – Michele DeLong

Description – Did you know that anyone can unlock the power of DRUMTASTIC curriculum for your their classes too!  This innovative curriculum offers brain and body benefits for individuals of all ages and abilities.

In this eye-opening session you’ll discover that Drumtastic goes beyond the traditional classroom setting.  Each lesson and choreography is presented in a fun, game-based format.  Attendees will be so immersed in the activities that they won’t even realize they’re activating their bodies, minds, and emotions!  Learn how to modify choreography, uplevel the activity with advanced tasks and creative opportunities, and see how you can use DRUMTASTIC’s most popular resources to improve your participants’ health and wellness.



Revolutionizing Doctor-Patient Relationships in Aging Care Through Evidence-Based Arts Interventions

Instructor – Alyssa Janney

Description -Prepare to embark on an exploratory journey into the transformative power of evidence-based arts and health interventions!  We will delve into the impact these interventions have on revolutionizing doctor-patient relationships in aging care. Discover how quality assurance and control measures play a pivotal role in improving communication between providers and residents of aging care communities, fostering meaningful connections and enriching lives.

But that’s not all – we will also uncover the unique role Drums Alive can play within the ESTEAM Health model.  (E=exercise, S=science, T=technology, E=engagement, A=arts, M=medicine).  Join us and unlock the potential of evidence-based interventions in transforming healthcare delivery!



Workshop Day 1: 3:30 PM -4:30 PM

-Step Back and Groove

Instructor – Katherine Farfan-Selim

Description – Take a nostalgic journey through the decades in this immersive workshop!  Drum to music inspired by the iconic styles of different eras, from the upbeat rock and roll of the ‘50’s to the disco fever of the ‘70’s and the vibrant sounds of the ‘80’s, this class is a celebration of music evolution. Get ready to explore and groove with the diverse and vibrant choreography that defined each era.  With a curated playlist and detailed choreography notes provided, you’ll have everything you need to bring the magic of decades past into your Drums Alive classes!


-Speak It! (Speak it Good!)

Instructor – Kelly Jackson

Description – Got a tricky rhythm that stumps your participants every time? Want a sure-fire way to help them not only perform it correctly, but remember it time and time again? Add speech patterning! In this session, experience how adding words to a challenging rhythm can bring success to students of all ages. Become the student as you and your teammates create and demonstrate a speech excerpt to accompany a rhythmic pattern. Celebrate the activation of various lobes of the brain while having fun with speech and rhythm!



Workshop Day 2: 9:15 AM -10:00 AM

-Drums Alive World Rhythms

Instructor – Katherine Farfan-Selim

Description – Get ready to unleash your rhythm and experience the music of the world in this dynamic workshop!  Dive into an exhilarating cultural drumming class where the beats from around the world come together in a captivating rhythmical journey.

Immerse yourself in the rich and diverse rhythms of different cultures and walk away with a curated playlist and detailed choreography notes provided, you’ll have everything you need to bring the vibrant rhythms of the world to life in your Drums Alive classes!


-Now What? Equipment Failures

Instructor – Dorie Philips and Hachya Franklin

Description – Ever had a tech hiccup in the middle of your class?  Don’t fret because after this interactive session, you’ll learn how to navigate unexpected technology challenges with grace and creativity! Participants will engage in activities designed to ensure they can provide a positive Drums Alive fitness experience, no matter the circumstances. Find your agility so technology disruptions don’t derail your class.



Workshop Day 2: 10:15 AM -11:00 AM

-Functional Beats Circuit Training

Instructor – Teri Lund

Description – Here’s a fresh idea for you: combine circuit training with Golden Beats!  You’ll get an exhilarating session that blends Drums Alive with functional exercises, aimed at enhancing everyday movements for your participants. This workshop isn’t just about a workout; it’s about equipping you with a powerful format to take back to your classes.  Join us and gain insights on how to craft a meticulously structured and engaging circuit that energizes your students, fostering a healthy, active lifestyle.


-Look Ma! No Sticks!

Instructor – Yolanda Brown

Description – Ever feel like giving your grip a break? We’ve got you covered! Discover the art of crafting scarf work and hand-only percussion movements. This can be accomplished with or without a drumset. Join us as we dive into these versatile techniques that add depth and variety to your classes.  Let’s not stop there – your creativity will be unleashed as we partner up and craft brand-new scarf and hand choreographies together!


Workshop Day 2: 11:15 AM -12:00 PM

-Yes And! Incorporating Improv Into Your Classes

Instructor – Kelly Jackson

Description – Let’s gather and go beyond “Do what I do” choreographies!  How can we structure moments of participant-driven creativity?  IMPROVISATION! 

Learn how to create space for improvisation by providing parameters for your participants to explore new movement and music ideas, both individually and with a partner.  Leverage the power of improv as a way to activate their brains and bodies in fun and engaging ways.  It’s a creativity revolution!



-Decoding Choreography, Seated or Standing

Instructor – Dorie Philips and Hachya Franklin

Description – Are you ready to level up your ability to guide participants through choreography with clarity and precision ease?  Join us for an insightful workshop where you’ll learn valuable techniques for breaking down and explaining choreography for seated and standing routines. As a result of this workshop, you will be able to ensure participants can easily follow along with your choreographic sequences using practical communication strategies. Don’t miss this opportunity to empower yourself in mastering the art of decoding choreography, whether you’re leading from a seated or standing position!




Workshop Day 2: 1:00 PM -1:45 PM

-Adapting Folk Dances to Drums Alive

Instructor – Michele DeLong

Description – Infuse variety to your Drums Alive classes by incorporating the rhythmic essence of traditional folk dances.  

In this session, you will actively participate in choreographed activities inspired by traditional folk dances. Join us and walk away with new culturally enriched choreographies and detailed choreography notes that’s fun for ALL ages and Ability levels!


-Purposeful Playlist Planning

Instructor – Yolanda Brown

Description -The magic of Drums Alive offers an experience where every beat is more than just the music and choreography, it’s a journey.  In this informational session, we’ll explore the full spectrum of the class experience from the invigorating highs to the serene moments of relaxation.  We will conscientiously explore how each stage impacts the body, spirit, and brain, creating a holistic wellness journey like no other.  

Together, we will craft a curated playlist designed to elevate your Drums Alive classes and leave your participants feeling refreshed, revitalized, and ready to conquer the world!


Workshop Day 2: 2:00 PM -2:45 PM

-Hot Seat Choreography

Instructor – Kelly Jackson

Description – Calling all Drums Alive instructors who struggle with creating new choreographies from scratch!  Perhaps you love to share new choreographies with your classes but find yourself using only those that other instructors have created. Kelly is here to help you unleash your own knowledge and creativity in assembling a choreography choreographic sequence from the ground up.  Bring a favorite song and put Kelly in the Hot Seat as she analyzes your song on the spot!  She will show you how to combine elements of music and Drums Alive basic drumming and movement skills to create a simple choreography right before your eyes!


 -You Be You!

Instructor – Teri Lund

Description – Unlock the secrets to creating dynamic and inclusive fitness classes with Teri’s motto: “You be YOU!” This session will help you explore ways to lead class attendees with diverse abilities by providing safe modifications while still challenging top fitness levels for all.  Utilizing skills from Drums Alive Ability Beats™, gain practical teaching cues and techniques for leading classes that cater to every participant, ensuring a truly inclusive experience. 



Workshop Day 2: 3:00 PM -3:45 PM

-Closing Session-Wellness Beats

Instructor – Carrie Ekins

Description – We’re closing out the conference with a workshop for everyone! Join Carrie Ekins as she takes you through a full Wellness Beats class to show how Drums Alive can leave your classes feeling holistically energized and revitalized!