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Wellness Beats

Wellness Beats - Dynamic combines music, drums, exercise and cognitive use in 6/8 rhythm and 24 blocks to release a dynamic flow of positive feelings and emotions.
What is Wellness Beats Drums Alive® Wellness Beats - Dynamic is a thoughtfully orchestrated symposium of various music styles, rhythms, and choreographies that allows you to create an atmosphere of harmony, balance, and self-awareness for you and your students.
What is included? The first 11 tracks provide a continuous flow of music in 6/8 rhythm in 24 count blocks, which is scientifically proven to improve physical, social-emotional, and brain health. The final 10 tracks feature choreographed videos that help you learn the movements, drumming and rhythm patterns and enables you to share this transformative experience with your students.
Bonus! As a bonus for purchasing the Wellness beats CD and DVD you will also receive access to an hour-long webinar on Wellness Beats and to effectively use it from Drums Alive creator and CEO, Carrie Ekins!

The Drums Alive® Vision:

We have a dream to make life better for everyone throughout the world with the healing experience of movement and rhythm through the Drums Alive® program.

Through specific programming Drums Alive® will improve:

  • the quality of life for a wide variety of audiences;
  • including mentally and physically challenged children;
  • gifted and talented children; fit and healthy children and adults;
  • children and adults with aggression issues;
  • senior citizens; and patients with Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, and other life-altering conditions.

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