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Drumtastic Online Training Course?

READ: Learn how to read and navigate the DRUMTASTIC curriculum resources and use them most effectively in your classroom.

WATCH: View our instructional videos of select DRUMTASTIC lesson plans that we’ve handpicked as the easiest to get started in your classroom.

PRACTICE: Use the practical experience exercises we provide to boost your confidence in teaching the DRUMTASTIC program to your students.

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Drumtastic Online Training Course

Learn how to effectively teach the DRUMTASTIC curricula.
How to get the DRUMTASTIC online course for FREE We recommend purchasing either the DRUMTASTIC Full curriculum, DRUMTASTIC Mini Curriclum, or the DRUMTASTIC Mathematics in Motion Kit first. The purchase of each of these kits comes with the DRUMTASTIC online course for FREE! If you choose to purchase the course first before committing to a DRUMTASTIC Kit, you will receive a discount code for 35% off a DRUMTASTIC kit that you can purchase in the future.
Already have a DRUMTASTIC curriculum and an active Drums Alive License? If you already have one of our DRUMTASTIC curricula and an active Drums Alive license then you'll receive free access to this course. If your license is expired and you renew it by October 3rd, 2021 then you will also receive free access to this course. If you renew your license after October 3rd, you can purchase the course for a discounted rate of $157.

The Drums Alive® Vision:

We have a dream to make life better for everyone throughout the world with the healing experience of movement and rhythm through the Drums Alive® program.

Through specific programming Drums Alive® will improve:

  • the quality of life for a wide variety of audiences;
  • including mentally and physically challenged children;
  • gifted and talented children; fit and healthy children and adults;
  • children and adults with aggression issues;
  • senior citizens; and patients with Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, and other life-altering conditions.

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