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The goal of Drums Alive® is to improve lives, physically and psychologically, through a unique sensory-motor drumming program.  The Drums Alive® program creates a “whole mind, whole body” experience for all who participate, regardless of their age, abilities, or disabilities. With Drums Alive, we can help others experience the transformative power of music, movement, and rhythm!

We want people who share our goals and our values—people who are passionate, compassionate, and who genuinely want to help others and who serve with respect, honesty, and integrity.  If this describes you, then we encourage you to join our team of licensed instructors and become a Drums Alive® ambassador!

Understand, Support, Embrace and Demonstrate the Drums Alive® Purpose, Mission, Vision, and Core Values.

Our Purpose at Drums Alive (why we do what we do)

We believe everyone deserves to live a healthy and happy lifestyle, regardless of age, ability, ethnic or cultural background, or economic status. Movement and exercise are an integral part of a healthy body and a healthy mind. When movement and exercise are mindfully combined with music, drumming, and rhythm, the experience is transformative, joyful, and for many–it’s magical!

Our Mission at Drums Alive (what we do)

We Enable YOU to share the transformative power of Drums Alive® We provide fun and engaging evidence-based programs that improve the physical, cognitive, social and emotional health and wellness of all people, regardless of age, ability, background, or status.

Our Vision at Drums Alive (our dream for the future—our goal)

We have a dream to make life better for everyone throughout the world with the healing experience of Drums Alive.  Through tailored, evidence-based programming, Drums Alive improves the quality of life for everyone–every age, every ability, every diverse-ability. EveryBODY comes alive with Drums Alive! 

Our Promise at Drums Alive (what we provide to our customers)

At Drums Alive, we believe you deserve an evidence-based program that’s produced consistent life-changing results that are scientifically verified. We promise to provide programs and tools that are:

  • Transformative – we teach you to use the transformative power of drumming, movement, music, and rhythm to improve the quality of life for EVERYONE
  • Research and Evidence-Based – all of our programs are tested and proven to be effective and we are committed to ongoing research;
  • Unifying of people of varied cultures, abilities, and ages by providing thoughtfully designed inclusive programming
  • Socially enriching – we help you teach and practice the importance of face-to-face relationships as well as social and emotional health.
  • Totally engaging and ignites the brain, body, and mind!

Drums Alive® Core Values

  1. We are positive – We are fun-loving and creative yet grounded in science and research. We demonstrate genuine compassion and empathy to all whom we interact with. We choose to assume the best in others and to help them achieve their fullest potential. We strive for win-win outcomes. We operate from a mindset of abundance and not from a mindset of scarcity. We do not gossip about our team members, our customers, our business and research partners, and our competitors.
  2. We are truthful – We back our programs with primary and secondary research. We are honest with our team members, our customers, and our business and research partners. We lead and act with truth, honesty integrity, compassion, respect, honor, and support for our team members, our customers, our business partners, and our research partners.
  3. We are servant leaders –We serve as a guide to those whom we serve to help them “grow as persons and become healthier, wiser, and freer.” Individually and collectively, we are mindful of our actions on the least privileged in society and choose to do what will benefit and not further deprive them. We are thought leaders and we take the initiative and follow-through actions to continually make things better—in our products, our services, and our relationships.

Do you want to share the joy of music, the power of drumming, and help others discover the thrill of being able to express their inner creativity in a fun, non-judgmental atmosphere?  Do you share our vision—to make life better for everyone throughout the world with the healing experience of movement and rhythm? Come join our team of licensed Drums Alive instructors and let’s transform lives with the power of music, movement, and rhythm!


“It ́s time to stop thinking of the drum as just a musical instrument. Start thinking of it as a unifying tool for every family, a wellness tool for every retiree, and an educational tool for every classroom.”

-Remo Belli Founder & CEO, Remo Inc.