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Do you want to share the joy of music, the power of drumming, and help others discover the thrill of being able to express their inner creativity in a fun, non-judgmental atmosphere?  Do you share our vision—to make life better for everyone throughout the world with the healing experience of movement and rhythm?

The goal of Drums Alive® is to improve lives, physically and psychologically, through a unique sensory motor drumming program.  The Drums Alive® program creates a “whole mind, whole body” experience for all who participate, regardless of their age, abilities, or disabilities.

We make a difference in the lives of people and society by helping all individuals find the passion to embody a positive and healthy lifestyle:

  • We create comprehensive researched based programming to accommodate people at all life stages and use science to better understand these stages.
  • We provide a culturally diverse program in which respect, appreciation and understanding for ALL is cultivated.
  • We provide participants with the power to celebrate life with programming that promotes physical, social, kinesthetic, emotional, and cognitive health.

We want people who share our goals and our values—people who are passionate, compassionate, and who genuinely want to help others and who serve with respect, honesty, and integrity.  If this describes you, then we encourage you to join our team of certified instructors and become a Drums Alive® ambassador!

The illustration below describes the prerequisites, the paths of progression, and the various training courses available.

“It ́s time to stop thinking of the drum as just a musical instrument. Start thinking of it as a unifying tool for every family, a wellness tool for every retiree, and an educational tool for every classroom.”

-Remo Belli Founder & CEO, Remo Inc.

Click here to see the Drums Alive Training Schedule

Click here to see the Drums Alive Training Schedule

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