Academic Beats Math, Science & Rhythm in Motion


This course takes the concepts learned in the basic training and integrates the Drums Alive program into math, science, music and physical education classes:

  • Mathematics in Motion – Provides a brain and body workout that expands mental powers to increase brain functioning.  Bursts of high intensity drumming and movement interspersed with periods of recovery cognition (mental math) exercises create an interval training experience that is fun and engaging for all ages.

  • Science in Motion – Utilizes movement to gain a curiosity and understanding about the natural world.  This program shows how you can open your students’ minds to the amazing wonders of science. This practical applied hands-on course focuses on using rhythm, fun, and interesting activities to teach students about their world, themselves, and how the two interact.

  • Rhythm in Motion – Is a symposium of the body and mind because it utilizes the body, rhythmical instruments and other creative pieces of everyday materials to provide a fun exploratory environment for learning, movement, and self- expression.