Virtual Classes

We have Drums Alive instructors that have started virtual classes. We would like to share them here so that others can find and attend their classes.

If you are looking to have an instructor teach a virtual class you can contact any of the instructors directly to see about their availability.

Gina Currie

Available to teach Drums Alive virtual classes

Please reach out to to discuss virtual class options

Megan Dozler

Available to teach Drums Alive virtual classes

Can be contacted via email at:

or via phone at: 707-387-7603

Instructor: Katherine Farfan-Selim

Type of class: Drums Alive Power Beats
Website Link:
Schedule: Mondays 11:00am EST on Zoom
Cost: On Demand $15; Monthly Membership $60

Promotion: 7-Day Free Trial

On Demand is a video library of prerecorded classes in various fitness formats including Power Beats and Drums Alive in the Chair.

The monthly membership gives you access to the On Demand classes, Daily Live Streams in various fitness formats and Special Events.

Cheryl Send

Currently offering in person classes as well as livestream:

M/W/F/ 10am ET

Maureen Sodaro

Virtual classes (ZOOM) On Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 5:30-6:30 ET

PLease reach out to to register

Instructor: Janet Wise-Thomas

Registration: I am asking interested parties to contact me by email at:

After I receive their email request, I will send a reply with the general information about the classes, a liability waiver form and options for payments. I am a SilverSneakers Flex instructor, so several of my students attend my class at no cost to them.

Class Schedule: Two classes per week ( Mon & Thursdays) Both classes start at 10:00am  for 45 mins.

I have 8 members in my group who have been online with me since March 2020.  In a follow-up email I will send you comments from the class members about their experience in my class.

Alexandra Williams

Tuesdays/ Thursdays at 9am PT