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Drums Alive DRUMTASTIC® is the original and only evidence-based drumming fitness, health, wellness program based on science and research that provides a “Whole Brain & Whole Body” workout which promotes physical, social, emotional, and cognitive health at all life stages.  The program includes access to the DRUMTASTIC® Teacher Manual, Lesson Plans that tie to Physical Education National Standards, Media Downloads and free Teacher Support. Click here for more information and to see a sample lesson plan.

Drums Alive® works directly with a research teams at universities around the world to prove the claims we make of its effectiveness.  We also worked with a team of professors, school teachers and administrators to ensure we were providing practical and useful teaching tools that address the many demands placed on today’s educators.  It is the first physical education and fitness trend that combines drumming, music, movement, and cognition through a multi-modular, cross-curriculum approach that sparks creativity and critical thinking.  Drums Alive DRUMTASTIC® makes “Learning through Rhythm and Movement” fun and achievable by anyone, regardless of age, or ability.


Pricing for Drums Alive DRUMTASTIC® Basic (Module 1) is as follows:

DRUMTASTIC® KIT SET A (1-year membership – allows you online access to the complete e-manual, activity videos, music, assessment tools + 1 music CD and more) $347.00 + 7%  shipping fee $371.29
DRUMTASTIC® KIT SET B (1-year membership – includes all the components in KIT SET A + DRUMTASTIC® printed teacher’s manual)

$487.00 + 7% shipping fee

DRUMTASTIC® KIT SET C (1-year membership – includes all the components in KIT SET B + DRUMTASTIC® materials/resource toolkit which has the color coded cards + tools all organized in a sturdy portable file box—this saves download and printing time and costs.)

$697.00 + 7% shipping

DRUMTASTIC® Annual Membership [Renewal] Fee (after the initial DRUMTASTIC® KIT SET purchase)  Click here for more information. $150.00 

*Please allow up to three weeks for delivery. For orders outside the continental US, please add $50.00 to shipping cost.

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Kit A, Kit B, Kit C, Kit-Annual Renewal Fee


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