Teri Lund



Describe one of your favorite magical or breakthrough moments that you created or experienced with the help of the Drums Alive program.  

      When I first brought Drums Alive to our school, 7 years ago, I decided to set up outdoors in a parking lot across the street.  I brought classes out for three days.  It was a great promoter of Drums Alive and our physical education program because so many people in the community drove by and watched and honked at us.   One of my students said, “Mrs. Lund, I feel like we are on Oprah, everyone is driving by taking pictures.”

     I also love learning from my students both young and old.   This is how I have created moves and routines such as Functional Drums and Drum Walking, simply by connecting with clients  and listening to what their needs are and what they like outside of Drums Alive.  With my students I have also learned fun moves or modified routines because I saw someone do something cool and creative.  Their confidence is boosted when I point out how creative they are and add their piect to a routine.  


I am entering my 29th year in Physical Education with 20 years at elementary and 9 at the Middle School level.  I love being outdoors with my family enjoying hiking, backcountry camping, fishing, and pickleball.  I began teaching Drums Alive to my students about 7 years ago, but did not truly understand the concept of diverseness of Drums Alive until after my training in Basic, Golden Beats, and now Drumtastic. In the past four months I have joined the amazing team of Drums Alive Master Trainers.  With this privilege I have enjoyed training others about this amazing program both virtually and in person.   I love creating videos and sharing choreography and other activities that can be useful to others.   


What initially drew you into Drums Alive?

After attending a Drums Alive session at a physical education conference, I knew I had to bring this program back to my students.  I wrote a grant and received the funds to purchase the needed equipment.  The first few years, I just researched and taught myself routines.  After I was formally trained in the Basic Drums Alive and Golden Beats, I became more aware of the uniqueness and diversity that Drums Alive offers.   


What makes you want to share the Drums Alive program with others?

     Instead of just learning a routine, there is much more to Drums Alive including; brain research, variety of equipment, Cultural appreciation, along with social emotional development.  Now that I have been implementing Mathematics in Motion and Drumtastic into my classes, I am exploding with excitement for all of the many activities and ideas that I can use in ALL of my classes of ALL ages and abilities..


How do you use the Drums Alive program to be of service to others in your community?

I teach Drumtastic to Pre K- 5th Grade summer school students, Golden Beats in my college Senior Functional Fitness Class, Power Beats, and a few  times a year to my middle school students.   I am constantly striving to learn and grow as an instructor so that I can bring fun high quality classes to all of my students both young and aged. 


Please share your favorite West Music or Drums Alive product and explain why you like it so much and how you use it in your Drums Alive classes.

I love my Boomwhackers. Through a grant I was able to purchase 8 sets that contain 8 pieces.  This gave me 32 sets to use with students.  I use my Boomwhakers in a variety of ways including Interval Fitness, drum routines, rhythmic activities, and even creating sounds of a “storm.”  I love giving students some exploration time with the Boomwhackers,  I learn so much through their creativity.