Kim Ferrara

Describe one of your favorite magical or break-through moments that you created or experienced with the help of the Drums Alive program.

To describe one magical moment that has happened during a Drums Alive program or class would be way too difficult.  My work is primarily with our Ability Beats program and every day I see someone who was too shy to even enter our space pick up drumsticks after one class and participate… or an individual who regularly runs away all day from everything will stay at their drum for a full 45-minute class…   Every class brings something like this to my attention and makes me realize how possible all things are.

Please describe your background.

My background is as a non-profit inclusive fitness owner.  I strive to create an environment that engages every student by meeting their sensory needs in a space that is all about and for them while they are with us. I am a Karuna Holy Fire III Reiki Master , a 200RYT ( Registered Yoga Teacher ) as well as a Master Trainer for Creative Relaxation®: Therapeutic Yoga for individuals with Autism/Special Needs.  I am also a Zumbini® Instructor and a Laughter Yoga® Instructor.  I have created many programs including a business consulting one to help others do what I have done with my inclusive fitness/movement business.  

What initially drew you into Drums Alive?

I was so drawn to Drums Alive because I can teach it to anyone!  I use these programs with preschools, senior living facilities, schools and special education settings, adults and kids.. all ages, all abilities!

What makes you want to share the Drums Alive program with others?

I love to share the Drums Alive program with others because it is so researched and evidence-based that I know the work is stronger than the instructor, Me!  I am just the one who delivers it, but on its own merit will produce amazing results… so teachers and students alike will benefit greatly from working with this program.

How do you use the Drums Alive program to be of service to others in your community?

Drums Alive® is one of the most popular programs we offer at my non-profit inclusive fitness program/business.  One of the most rewarding classes I teach is a weekly class to our seniors at the Council on Aging in my town.  I get a grant every year to pay for the class for them so they can come for free.  They LOVE it.  They tell their friends, bring in relatives, show up to community events to support us… it’s a full circle program… creating community and giving life meaning and purpose.

Please share your favorite West Music product and explain why you like it so much and how you use it in your Drums Alive classes.

My favorite West Music Product is currently the Drums Alive Drumsticks!  I have tried every name brand and company out there… they break, splinter and just don’t hold up.  The drumsticks I get from West Music with the Drums Alive logo are the very best I have ever used/seen for the programs I offer.

Carrie Ekins, Michael Sullivan of Special Olympics Texas, and Kim Ferrara