Jordan Dunne

Describe one of your favorite magical or break-through moments that you created or experienced with the help of the Drums Alive program. 

 I teach a variety of fitness classes and all too often I see people become frustrated or bored with their workout routines – taking the same classes over and over, dreading going in the gym, forcing themselves to get through a workout for the sake of burning calories and never actually enjoying the time they spend exercising. I’ve seen these same people light up after their first Drums Alive class. They actually had fun, they were excited to put in the extra energy and effort (and not just to burn calories), and they were excited to come back. Every time I’ve introduced Drums Alive to a new location, I see this same series of events happen, and every time it reminds me of how special Drums Alive is.

Please describe your background.

I was introduced to Drums Alive while I was working as the coordinator for a PEP (Physical Education Program) grant in the Pawtucket Public School System. Becoming certified in Drums Alive actually increased my existing passion for health and fitness, which lead me to become certified as an ACE group fitness instructor. I have since moved onto social media marketing and am entering my 4th year as a Drums Alive and group fitness instructor, and I love it.

What initially drew you into Drums Alive?

I was introduced to Drums Alive by a school teacher in Pawtucket during my time as a coordinator for the Pawtucket School Department’s PEP grant. We researched several programs to help increase physical activity time in schools and we eventually settled on Drums Alive. It was unique, fun, educational, and seemed perfect for our afterschool and PE programs, plus we had a direct referral from someone who was already certified. We got in touch with the Drums Alive team and Carrie came to the school district to conduct a training for a large group of PE teachers and afterschool staff. The program was such a success that we had to offer a second training about 2 years later. The program is still being used in the Pawtucket School Department today, long after the grant and funding have run out.

What makes you want to share the Drums Alive program with others?

It’s the perfect program for all ages and all activity levels. Everything can be modified for the needs and goals of your class. Whether it’s kids learning math in a classroom or adults looking for a fun and effective cardio workout, everyone leaves a Drums Alive class smiling and laughing.

How do you use the Drums Alive program to be of service to others in your community?

I advocated strongly to bring the Drums Alive program in the Pawtucket School System and to integrate it into classrooms, PE, health, and afterschool programs. I organized and promoted the trainings within the district and presented at several local, regional, and national conferences on the effectiveness of the program. My role was to be a motivator and to demonstrate how to make the program work with limited time, limited space, or limited equipment so that all schools felt empowered to bring this program into their classrooms.

Please share your favorite West Music product and explain why you like it so much and how you use it in your Drums Alive classes.

I’m a huge fan of the Drumbata DVD for my adult fitness classes. It’s fast-paced, but also easily modified for any fitness level. I like using it as a cardio burst in between songs.