Dorie Phillips

Describe one of your favorite magical or break-through moments that you created or experienced with the help of Drums Alive program.

The first Golden Beats® I offered, a visually-impaired participant was being escorted into the room.  I was given the opportunity to engage therapeutically through rhythm and movement and I gladly accepted his challenge.   He left saying “This was a lot of fun and I loved beating on the drums. I used to run marathons until I lost my sight and this workout allows me to stay active.” newzpharmacy.com

Please describe your background.

Growing up with a love for music, dance, cheer, entertaining, theater and community involvement, I followed my heart and passion for healing by receiving a B.A Music Therapy from Colorado State University.  Completed my board certification in 2001, leading to ownership of my own business for 15+ years providing music therapy and enrichment to educational and recreational facilities, preschools and nursing facilities.  In 2016, my profession expanded to include Drum Alive® Certification to offer Power Beats, Golden Beats®, Ability Beats ® and Drumtastic ® programs to our community.  My journey to inspire individuals to improve health and wellness expanded when I was invited to become a Drums Alive® Master Trainer.  

What initially attracted you to Drums Alive? 

I was impressed with the therapeutic implications of how body/brain connections can make an overall impact on health.  Not to mention, it was so much fun to dance and create choreography combining drumming techniques and fitness. 

What makes you want to share the Drums Alive program with others?

It encourages participants to have fun, laugh, create movement, express individuality, socialize, improve cognition, strengthen muscle and empower positive change leading to a healthier lifestyle. 

How do you use the Drums Alive program to be of service to others in your community?

Inspiring Individuals to improve their health by increasing physical, mental and social well-being while participating in a fun, engaging, and high energy workout.  

Please share your favorite West Music product and explain why you like it so much and how you use it in your Drums Alive classes.

Latin Percussion Shakers and Basic Beat Maracas are my favorite instruments to use because it allows participants to actively strengthen, tone, dance and produce audible, rhythmical patterns to accentuate the music while adding cultural flare to the experience.