Ahmed Selim


Describe one of your favorite magical or breakthrough moments that you created or experienced with the help of the Drums Alive program. Having the opportunity to conduct trainings has afforded me the opportunity to impact so many people’s lives in countless ways and I am truly grateful for that but I would have to say that my most memorable experiences were as a student!  My first exposure to Drums Alive was through a home study course  ( I believe it was through SCW) but then found out that an in-person training was available in Miami.  I took the trip and had the honor of having my training with Carrie Ekins, Drums Alive CEO and Founder.  It was an amazing experience and led me to where I am today with Drums Alive. But I would have to say that the ultimate and most magical experiences were in taking classes of those who had attended my trainings and seeing their progress within the Drums Alive community!.

Please describe your background.

I’ve been teaching ballroom and Latin dance since the age of 13.   Since 2010, I’ve been a guest instructor for various dance events throughout the USA, including New York; San Francisco, CA ; and Dallas, TX.  I have licenses in Zumba Fitness®, Zumba Toning®, Zumba Gold®, Zumba Kids® Aqua Zumba®, TRX Training, and TRX RIP Training.  I became a Drums Alive™ Master Trainer in 2011.
I have an extensive amount of experience in IT and I’ve worked for several companies including Barnes & Noble and The Walt Disney Company.  I’m a nationally licensed EMT as well as a CPR instructor for the American Heart Association.  I have my own production company for fitness, dance, and special events.  In addition to my role as a Drums Alive Master Trainer, I’ve joined the Drums Alive Team as a consultant for technology and production of our virtual trainings.

What initially drew you into Drums Alive?

I was drawn to Drums Alive because it was unique and offered individuals the opportunity to take a class that was different; at the time I found Drums Alive there was a plethora of dance fitness classes and this was a truly unique program.    

What makes you want to share the Drums Alive program with others?

The total mind-body experience the participants have is truly what makes me want to share the program,  Because Drums Alive is so different than any other program, I feel that it is easier to get people involved in the program; people who would normally hesitate to take a dance or fitness class would likely take a Drums Alive class just because they are not worried about the “dance” part of it.  Once they are involved in the program, they are hooked!    

How do you use the Drums Alive program to be of service to others in your community?

Through my classes, I’ve helped bring our community together and created social interactions and relationships which help to grow and foster the community.