Master Trainers

At Drums Alive we are fortunate to have truly amazing Master Trainers representing us around the world. We asked our US master trainers a few questions to let you get to know them a little better. Check out their responses by clicking on their names below and take a look at some of the trainings and activities they have coming up in our events page.

Jordan Dunne

I teach a variety of fitness classes and all too often I see people become frustrated or bored with their workout routines…dreading going in the gym, forcing themselves to get through a workout for the sake of burning calories and never actually enjoying the time they spend exercising. I’ve seen these same people light up after their first Drums Alive class. They actually had fun, they were excited to put in the extra energy and effort (and not just to burn calories), and they were excited to come back…(Read more)

Kimberly Ferrara

I love to share the Drums Alive program with others because it is so researched and evidence based that I know the work is stronger than the instructor, Me!  I am just the one who delivers it, but on its own merit will produce amazing results… so teachers and students alike will benefit greatly from working with this program…(Read More)

Hachya Franklin

Hachya is a small business owner and fitness instructor pursuing and innovating excellence in the delivery of group fitness services. She is passionately devoted to people and percussion; Committed to making fitness fun for all ages and all abilities within the framework of experiential, interactive, rhythm-based activities. (Read More)

Kelly Jackson

As an elementary music specialist, I especially enjoy creating new opportunities for students to make connections between the arts and other academic subjects—and it was in searching for these opportunities that I discovered Drums Alive (read more)

Lyn Litchke

Dr. Lyn Litchke is an Associate Professor of Therapeutic Recreation in the Department of Health and Human Performance at Texas State University where she has taught for 16 years. She is the 2016 recipient of the Presidential Award for Excellence in Service. (Read More)

Amber Logan

I go into the community and share Drums Alive with others. I go into a day program twice a month on my own and teach those with diverse abilities. This has been so much fun. I have my own line up of music and it has been fun to watch them having fun and seeing their smiling faces. (Read More)

Diana Logan

Superstars program at our Y began 9 years ago with an idea I had of starting a group fitness class for those with diverse abilities.  Before we started drumming we had 7-8 individuals but once we started Drums Alive the word was out and now we get more than 45-50 individuals for this free program every Saturday morning. (Read More)

Erica Logan

Erica learned about the various DRUMS ALIVE curriculums and uses them in her classroom; and, has witnessed the positive changes in her students and their excitement as they take part in this whole body, whole brain experience that allows her students to learn, participate in an exciting exercise program, develop social skills, and above all, HAVE FUN! (Read More)

Dean Owens

From his teaching, life and military experiences, Dean understands the need for fitness, education and wellness in order to maintain a level of resiliency to cope with life challenges and establish a happy and healthy lifestyle. He has been a percussionist for over 40 years and joined the DRUMS ALIVE team as a Master Trainer because he believes in the healing benefits of drumming and its significant contribution to overall Brain and Body Health. (Read More)

Christina Peterson

Our district was fortunate to be a recipient of the Carol White Physical Education Program (PEP) Grant and with some of the funding, we were able to be trained in Drums Alive. From the moment the training began, I fell in love. The energy, the excitement from the drumming and Carrie’s passion for this program drew me in instantly. I could not wait to bring this program to my students! (Read More)

Dorie Phillips

Growing up with a love for music, dance, cheer, entertaining, theater and community involvement, I followed my heart and passion for healing by receiving a B.A Music Therapy from Colorado State University.  Completed my board certification in 2001, leading to ownership of Music Jamboree, LLC for 15+ years providing music therapy and enrichment to educational and recreational facilities, preschools and nursing facilities.  (Read More)

Carol Richards

One of my adults with diverse abilities came to my classes once a week but wouldn’t drum. After months she finally held the drumsticks with scarves attached. Then I placed a ball in front of her chair and she would occasionally drum, but wouldn’t join the group. One day I added the song Happy and guided everyone in a hand clapping sequence. I looked over and she was walking up to the group and clapping her hands. She has been a part of the group ever since. (Read More)